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Do you want an effective and economical way to find the dental technicians you need?

We can help you do this today!

Dental Laboratories want to be able to find the best technicians they can as they grow in this highly competitive industry. Traditionally  dental labs have used newpaper and magazine ads to find the dental technicians they need however labs complain about the cost and effectiveness of this process. This is why we created www.DentalTechnologyJobs.com

Your ad is online in minutes
You call us at 905-841-2332 or Contact Us and we will have your ad up in minutes where it can be seen by a potential hundreds of dental technicians looking for opportunities like yours.

You ad is easy to see by any dental technician
We have made it so that dental technicians can quickly and easily see all the dental technician wanted ads. All they have to do is click on the green button on the home page. They don't have to subscribe or be a member  

Your Ad is Detailed
Unlike print ads your online ad can have lots of information about your lab and the job offer which will increase to chnaces of getting ideal candidates. This could include a skill, experience and educational requirements. You can include lots of information regarding the job and tasks related to it. If you choose you can have lots of information regarding your company including pictures, logo, link to your website and more. Go to the ads section and view typical ads now.

We Send Your Ad to Our Dental Technician Members
Not only will your ad be immediately seen by any technician that visits our site but we send your ad to Dental Technicians too! We have hundreds of dental technicians that have subscribed to our free Dental Technician Job Watch Program. These technicians want to know about new job opportunities such as yours! Your new ad can immediately be seen by a potential hundreds of job seeking dental technicians.